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Sun Protection Screens

Vertical sun protection screen

  • FIXSCREEN Windproof vertical sun screen
  • FIXSCREEN F Installation without underlying window possible
  • FIXSCREEN MONO AK EVO Fixscreen® with extra thermal and acoustic comfort
  • MINISCREEN The compact vertical solar shading for internal or external use
  • PANOVISTA & PANOVISTA MAX The first sun protection for glass-on-glass corner windows
  • SLIDEFIX The ideal, wind-proof solution for large openings, sliding windows and corner solutions 

Horizontal sun protection screen

  • TOPFIX® The first zenithal sun protection with Fixscreen®-technology
  • TOPFIX® Max Horizontal sunprotection with fixscreen®-technology for large surfaces
  • TOPFIX® Max F Can be mounted in open constructions without underlying roof
  • VEGASCREEN® Elegant design with its small, slim box
  • VERANDASCREEN® The extra ordinary sun protection system for every veranda

Retractable awnings