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Roof blind VEGASCREEN: Elegant design with its small, slim box


Excellent sun protecting technique to serve your comfort

renson-hover-vegascreen• This new veranda sun protecting screen helps to achieve the Healthy Veranda Concept®
• Elegant design with its small, slim box

VEGASCREEN® helps to achieve a healthy indoor in your veranda. RENSON® Healthy Veranda Concept®, a combination of an outdoor sun protecting screen and ventilation, creates a comfortable living environment in your veranda, regardless of its orientation.

With its elegant slim box, VEGASCREEN® perfectly suits the latest glass construction techniques and is an ideal match with all architectural styles.

Product group
Product application
Only sunprotection screen
Patented technology
Type of sunprotecion
Horizontal sunprotection
Several options
Placement: Angle of 90°
Placement: With mounting feet
Placement: Box on top
Placement: Box at the bottom
Application: renovation / construction
Renovation / Construction
Technical specifications
Dimensions ends of box (HxB)140x230
Fixscreen® technology0
Wind Scale (EN 13561:2004)Not known
Garanteed wind resistance (km/h)Nvt
Sound reduction: Closednvt
Thermal valuesThermal Uf valuesthermische waarden: f-waarde
Depth window frame
Depth window frameNvt
Manual operation0
Manual control: x positionsNot applicable
Cord controlNot applicable
Rod: fixedNot applicable
Rod: detachable tulip Not applicable
Rod: Wechselmedien oogwindwerkNot applicable
Electrical operation1
1 piece height < or =6000
Manual control: maximum widthNVT
Manual control: maximum heightNVT
Electrical control: maximum width4500
Electrical control: maximum height6000
Manual control: maximum width coupledNVT
Electrical control: maximum width coupled8000
Maximum height coupled6000
Material & Finish
Material boxAluminium AlMgSi 0,5
Material side channels & bottom railAluminium AlMgSi 0,5
Finishing: E6/EV1Yes
Finishing: RALYes
Finishing: BicolorNo
Finishing: Special colourNot applicable
Thermal breaksNot applicable
Material ends of boxAluminium
Dimensions ends of box (HxB)140x230
Ends of box in whiteYes
Ends of box in beigeYes
Ends of box in grayYes
Ends of box in blackYes
Ends of box in RAL (on request)Yes
Ends of box and box in same colourYes
Side channels in aluminiumYes
Side channels: Steel cablesNo
Dimensions side channels (BxD/H)41X67
Dimensions side channels coupled (BxD/H)84X67
Material: Endcaps roller barrelAluminium AlMgSi 0.5
Endcaps bottom rail in whiteYes
Endcaps roller bar in beigeYes
Endcaps roller bar in grayYes
Endcaps roller bar in blackYes
Endcaps roller bar in E6/EV1Not applicable
Endcaps roller bar in RALYes
Screen exterior: Soltis
Screen exterior: Polyacrylic
Screen exterior: Soltis B92
Screen interior: Soltis
Screen interior: Polyacrylic
Screen interior: Soltis B92