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Latest improvements and changes of the Fixscreen®EVO range

Higher wind resistance and smoother guidance

Thanks to extensive testing we have again improved our Fixscreen-technology. This patented evolution, where we use unique side channels with a durable top layer and a new symmetric red zip, results in a higher wind resistance up to 130 km/h (test with screen before window). Moreover this evolution ensures a smooth and quiet operation of the zip guide system.

Discrete installation methods: Hidden installation

Ideal for newly-built houses, low-energy homes & passive house construction!

A hidden installation of the box is possible with 3 different types. The fabric roller barrel can be installed and removed from the outside, from beneath. (installation method 7)fixscreen-info-en.jpg

From now on, all types are available with standard or deep side channels.
With Fixscreen® 150EVO and Fixscreen® 100EVO Slim the bottom rail disappears completely into the box (for heights < 2700 mm). Click here for all specifications of this installation method.

Safe (dis)mounting of the fabric roller barrel with hidden installation IM7

The Click&Safe® system ensures a safe installation of the fabric roller barrel.

After fixing the box of the Fixscreen® 150 EVO to the façade or construction, the fabric roller barrel is placed back into the box. Because it 'clicks' into the endcap, the installer has his hands free to finish the installation.