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Panovista Max winner of the Equip'Baie Innovation Awards (Paris) and the ‘Coup de cœur de la presse pro’, category design

Renson Panovista Max was one of the eight products recognised at the Equipbaie-Metalexpo 2016 Awards. Panovista Max also won the ‘coup de Coeur de la presse pro’ in the category design.

The jury "was attracted by the sleek appearance of the vertical sunscreen reinforced by a lack of visible profiles or cables and the bottom bar that disappears completely into the box. It creates the effect of an invisible architectural that is currently very fashionable."

Minimalism increasingly characterizes contemporary architecture and large glass surfaces area bring daylight into the house. Renson's response to this architectural trend is the Panovista Max. This new sunshade solution is ideal for applications where there are frameless corner windows and sliding windows where traditional blinds do not provide an adequate solution. The Panovista Max is even suitable for corner windows up to 6m wide on each side and 3.4m high, without losing the look outside. In other words a total surface area of 30m² can be covered with the blind.

With the Panovista Max there are no permanently visible aluminium profiles or cables in the corner. The patented technology allows both sides of the system to be rolled up or unrolled simultaneously and therefore create the perfect shade for your home or workplace, without losing the look of the panorama outside the building. Another novelty is the zip that joins the two sheets of cloth in the corner while it unrolls. This allows for the highest windproof class according to the standard DIN-EN 13561.

When designing the Panovista Max, particular attention was paid to its aesthetic appearance and its perfect integration. This solution is almost invisible in the building's architecture. The box and the side channels can be discreetly hidden away and even the bottom bar disappears into the box once the screen is fully rolled up. This system comes with glass-fibre fabrics with a high level of sun protection. Profiles and fabrics can be produced in many colours. Combining Panovista and Panovista Max with Fixscreen or Fixvent sun protection fabric is no problem.