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RENSON® offers energy-efficient solutions for a healthy school!

Healthy air and pleasant temperatures enable better learning

 Studies throughout the world have shown that indoor air quality in schools is very poor.Classrooms are often stuffy areas with polluted air, flickering and dazzling lighting and temperatures on hot days like a sauna. The target value for CO² and other pollutants is exceeded in almost all classrooms that were monitored. RENSON® helps to prevent polluted and unhealthy classrooms. Continuous basic ventilation, ventilative cooling and outdoor solar shading guarantee healthy spaces with good air quality and a pleasant temperature. A total solution such as the Healthy School Concept® of RENSON®results in healthy and attentive students and better academic performances. 

 A poor indoor climate in schools leads to several problems: Dry eyes and throats; teachers who teach every day with a headache; children wo fall asleep in the afternoon. Absenteeism among students and teachers increases and the performance of the students deteriorates. Yet simple adaptations can prevent many problems: classrooms adapted to the number of pupils, adequate and proper lighting, proper insulation and a healthy indoor climate.

Healthy School Concept_grondige renovatie en nieuwbouw Healthy School Concept_gevelrenovatie

“Renovations or new constructions must certainly take into account the reduction of energy consumption, but we must also ensure the health and comfort of students and staff. Special attention should be paid to the quality of indoor air and the temperature in the classrooms,” says Johan Debaere, Communication Officer at RENSON®. “The improved insulation keeps humidity, CO2 and other pollutants in the building, thus polluting the indoor air. That is why it is so important to ventilate regularly and correctly.” The temperature also plays an important role. “On hot days, it can often be sweltering in classrooms, which does not improve learning conditions either,” continues Johan Debaere. “Ventilative cooling and the reduction of solar radiation during the day by efficient outdoor solar shading should prevent overheating.”

 A limited façade renovation, a thorough renovation or a new building, with its Healthy School Concept® RENSON® offers energy-efficient solutions that help to create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. This concept consists of three elements: continuous and controlled basic ventilation, ventilative cooling and outdoor solar shading.

 Continuous and controlled basic ventilation

Basic ventilation provides good air quality. In façade renovation, self-regulating vents can be integrated into the windows of the classrooms, which then ensure the continuous supply of fresh air. During a thorough renovation or a new construction, a ventilation complete system can be installed. Self-regulating window vents ensure the supply of fresh air, while exhaust nozzles in combination with a CO2-controlled valve (RENSON® Healthconnector) control the discharge of the polluted air. There’s never more ventilation than is strictly necessary, which means there’s no energy wasted. Only a minimum of maintenance is required.

harris academy_roosters als ventilatie fixvent mono ak_combinatie van zelfregelende ventilatie en doekzonwering in KATHO Kortrijk continue basisventilatie met zelfregelende ventilatieroosters AR75 in SINT GEERTRUID GENT

Ventilative cooling

Big natural airflows cool down the building and indoor air at night or in the morning without using energy. The air supply in the premises occurs via special louvre panels with high airflows, such as RENSON® type 432. The airflow required for this type of ventilation is, after all, several times higher than for basic ventilation.

intensieve ventilatie buiten in school Schalkeltje in Dilsen Stokkem intensieve ventilatie_tekening intensieve ventilatie binnen in school Schakeltje in Dilsen Stokkem


Exterior solar shading

On warmer days, wind resistant screens, such as the Fixscreen®, or aluminum solar shading systems, such as the Loggia®-sliding panels, avert the sun from classrooms and thus prevent overheating. Nevertheless,  optimum light penetration remains possible. Daylight also has a positive effect on learning performances.




beeld 2 intensieve ventilatie en zonwering luifel met sunclips-school Dilsen Stokkem lycee de corneille_zonwering voor het raam Fixscreen_school wielsbeke fixscreen_de platanen-ekeren



With these solutions, the healthy school really is possible!